Guide to Firearm Accessories: the Red Dot Sight

496983692A red dot sight and a laser sight has a whole world of difference between them. The basic difference between the laser sight and the red dot sight is that the laser sight emits a beam of light onto the target, while the red dot sight reflects an image of the target onto the glass of the sight in the form of a red dot. Magnification of the target in the lens is not what the red dot sight does but it only sights the target. This is also the type of sight used with a telescope. If the sight has no magnification, it is typically used on handguns, sub machine guns and shotguns for use at close range. A red dot sight offers a good level of precision and accuracy.

Let us now learn how a red dot sight works. Red dot sight has concave lens which has a very thin metallic coating that reflects only red light. There is a light emitting diode inside the sight tube which reflects a red dot. The red light that appears when you look through a sight seems like it has been projected onto the target. Although the red dot sight’s accuracy is not pinpoint accuracy, it still gives you some assurance that you will be able to hit your target granting that you use the proper aiming and firing techniques. As needed, the sight can be adjusted up and down. Check out more on buis here.

There are different types of red dot sight. If you compare a full tube red dot sight, you can mistake it for a telescopic sight. The red dot sight is ideal for use with a shotgun. There are additional features and accessories include haze reducing filters, sun shades, and flip up lens covers. Open sights are also known as mini red dot sights because they are smaller and weigh less than the full tube sight. With these small sights you cannot use haze filters or sun shades. Smaller than the full tube sight, the small tub sight can also use haze filters and sun shades. Know more on reflex sight here.

It is important that you are comfortable with the way the sight works, so if you are planning to purchase a red dot sight, make sure to look through it to know how comfortable it is for you. However, if you are color blind this will not be helpful to you at all especially if you are trying to improve the accuracy of your aim. Every shooter has his needs, and depending on his needs, he has to choose the best type of red dot sight that will meet them. If you purchase a red dot sight, you can be sure that it will help improve the level of your accuracy.